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Made by Aya, a co-production community making sustainability since 2009.
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HOPE – supporting teenage mothers in Gambia

My name is Fatou Sawo from Gambia. I’m 20 years old and has studied design. I live with my family for three years in Sweden.


I´m coached by Made by Aya to start up HOPE.


Why do I want to start HOPE?

I lived in Gambia for 17 years. I have experienced a lot of things like abuse, peer pressure and family problem. Where I came from (Bakau), about 75% of girls drop out from school because of peer pressure and teenage pregnancy. But people don’t talk about it, they brush it under the carpet. While others talk about the problem with no solution.


It has now become worse because more teenage girls are facing this problem and drop out from school with no support from the family or the society. I think this have to stop.


I want to start HOPE. An organization supporting teenage girls who have been victim to teenage pregnancy and to educate girls on how to prevent themselves from being pregnant at an early age.


Why is HOPE important?


HOPE want girls/teenagers to be educated. We don’t want them to stop seeking knowledge. We want to start a center or institution in Gambia for teenage mums to seek knowledge.



*gives basic courses like design, arts and photography,

* educates them on health system

* educates them on parent-child relationship and other activities.


For the younger ones, we  educate them on how to prevent themselves from teenage pregnancy through creating awareness and sexual education e.t.c.


Our goal in December 2020 is to have a centre with 300 participants in Gambia and to start HOPE in one more country like Nigeria.

What we need help with

Right now HOPE develops through Made by Aya. A non-profit co-production community based in Stockholm, Sweden.


In the summer of 2018 I received support from Botkyrka kommun i Sweden to take my first step in Sweden together with young people living in Sweden interested in design and change.


I am working on how the center would be like and the budget.


I have some contacts in Gambia and Sweden but need more contacts that can help HOPE with ideas about support and funding.


Please contact me if you are interested. I would really like to meet you on a cup of coffee or soda.


All the best,

Fatou Sawo