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Made by Aya, a co-production community making sustainability since 2009.
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2009 – 2012

In 2009 the visual artists Anders Lindgren, Staffan Hjalmarsson and Tove Axelsson started the non profit organization Animal Spirits in Sweden.


They initiated and were invited to make projects in the crossroad of art, learning and sustainability together with municipalities, organizations, companies and universities.


We ”stole” the the name of the organization from an idea from the economist John Maynard Keynes: animal spirits.  The concept that ”drives human thought, feeling, and action” (wiki).


A concept still being with us today.


2012 – 2017

The smaller and time limited works continued. But in 2012 Made by Aya took on a new path: to build and develop independent organizations.


In 2012 unemployed Halema Dahie in Norsborg, Sweden meets Hans Andrén, a job coach and consultant in sustainability that has been working with Animal Spirits. Halema’s daughter, 12 year old Aya, is passionate about fashion but doesn´t know how to enter the world of fashion.


Hans on his side knew that the fashion world had problem with how and who they involved. He knew that the fashion world hasn´t come as fare as the music industry involving people regardless of statues, wealth and background.


With Aya´s dream in focus, Halema, Hans and Aya started Mode 3 in 2013 as members of the Made by Aya. Mode 3 was at first a free of charge summer fashion school for people like Aya, 13 – 19 years old and a co-production community the rest of the year.


Mode 3 has been taken place in sex different suburbs in greater Stockholm and involved stakeholders like fashion schools, the Royal Opera and more than 140 participants financed by partners such as Swedish Inheritance Fund, municipalities and companies.


2017 Mode 3 expanded to a school all year around authorized as a Swedish KomVux. Run as a stock holding company with Aya, Halema, Hans, Staffan and Made by Aya as shareholders.


In December 2017 we upgrades our name to Made by Aya. One possible example of how we can function as a physical and virtual space for building and developing organizations.

UngtMode_en_3_foto Sofie Blumenthal

2018 –>

From spring 2018 Mode 3 will involve people like Aya 19 years and older as it´s own organization. The primary stakeholders will be new comers to Sweden with a background in fashion from all over the world.


And Made by Aya will be take it´s first step as an upgraded non profit organization. Realizing and supporting more people and projects to make robust organizations making sustainability.

Raoda Jalal med sin modell Nayara_foto Sara Strandlund