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Made by Aya, a co-production community making sustainability since 2009.
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450 experts from 99 nations worked for five years to summarise humanity’s challenges. The results turned into an international standard: ISO 26000. Open for all organisations to use, small or large.


We have developed “Sustainable. Here! Now!” since 2012, a method for collective problem solving inspired by both ISO 26000 and GRI Standards. GRI Standards is one of the world’s most common agreements on sustainability reporting.


We have made the content of ISO 26000 and GRI standards more accessible using photos and short concise texts. In this way, Sustainability. Here! Now!, become a tool for open and equal dialogue throughout the organization. In everyday and strategic decisions.


Sustainability. Here! Now! can as well easily connect your work to Agenda 2030. The United Nation’s seventeen sustainability goals that 193 countries have formulated and adopted.


Please contact us for a free demo of  ”Sustainability. Here! Now!”. Or use the form below or drop an e-mail to staffan(at)

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